Sunrise in Nairobi City

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For me, mornings are the most magical time of day. They are a beginning, a sign of a new chance, new opportunities, freshness!

Above are a couple of captures of that special time in Nairobi’s CBD. A special dedication to @AlyceGichuhi of @venusEvents , @ammystic, @Roseellah @gitskim, @gitts, @gacherry, @medley101, @MackelTisa,  @selfmadeAbdi @pmkiruki @gracekeys, @drotela, @saichovsky, @gitalry and all the felines of the world!! 🙂 cheers!


Is Kenya ready for Gays?

Is Kenya ready for Gays?.

Saving For Fun: Tembea Kenya

cocktails at the stanley

Cocktails at the Stanley

My friend works in the tourism industry. She has the ‘low-down’ on various rates to various Hotels and resorts in the country; it is her business to. In the course of the conversations I have with her, we often broach the subject of vacation costs and packages offered and all I do is nod to the sentiments and opinions that she has. In secret, I have an ear to the ground to the moment we get to the specific costs of a weekend trip, a massage package, barbecue or just a night out. Continue reading

Making a (money)wise Electronic Gadget Purchase


The other day I was cleaning out my house. A lot of junk can accumulate in a short twelve months. Here’s the thing, I am not a hoarder! I like to only keep things that are useful to me and when am done with them, I like to dispose of them. In my collection of trash from my cleaning exercise were a couple of phones, a mother-board, a cd-rom drive, an external hard-disk, a keyboard, a mouse, a card-reader and a couple of USB cables and power chords that were no-longer useful.

The two phones, the mother-board and the cd-rom drive worried me because although they were still functional, they did not meet my requirements either because of the new software I was running, hardware incompatibility or the outdated operating systems the gadgets were running. I considered giving the phones to my aunts ( I have two that I really like) but it just did not feel right. I believe that you should give as a gift something you wouldn’t mind using. Continue reading

Failure to plan is planning to fail, so here you go 🙂

Zimele Asset Management

Quote of the Week: “A good battle plan that you act on today can be better than a perfect one tomorrow.” General George S Patton.
child's financial future
For many people, personal worldviews change the instant they become parents. When your firstborn child enters the world, your priorities change from thinking of your own goals and interests first to the responsibilities of caring for the child; and this includes financial responsibilities as well.

1. Saving money for their university education. 
All parents want the best for their children, a bright future full of achievement. With steadily rising expenses in our daily lives, raising children is becoming more and more expensive. The growing concern for many parents is their financial readiness to send their children to a tertiary institution. While this may not have crossed the minds of many new parents, or even those with teenage children, it is an area that needs to…

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Tips for a novice mailserver admin

Trust me, learning a  new order is not the easiest thing in the world. I joined the company, with which I still work, fresh from college, wet nosed eager to learn and green, very green!!! Then I was fast introduced to the mailserver to which I took a quick liking to (mostly because it was the only machine in this place that run my favourite o.s.) Continue reading